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Your All-Round Detox & Glow
Treat yourself to a customized NASA LED treatment with our 360 full-body self-care collection.

Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit
Detox, smooth & lift with 6 synergistic benefits: Micro-Vibration, Anti-Shock Micro-Current, Heating and 3 NASA LED.

Body Sculpt Fit Serum
Contour, tone and smooth with Vit C, Caffeine, Licorice, Niacinamide & Peptides. 

Nourish Hand Serum
Envelop your hands in a soothing lavender scent and enjoy 100 hand spas in a bottle. Infused with Vit B3, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice & Cica.

Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit

Treat yourself to a full body workout without all the work, effort or time. This micro-current therapy utilizes safe and low voltage electricity that travels down to the muscle layer deep in the skin. 

LED Light to Aid Various Skin Concerns: 
The device operates by self-administering heated Red, Blue and Green light chromotherapy with the micro-vibration and micro-current technology to treat a myriad of skin concerns.

WARM MODE: Inspired by Japanese hot stone massage, bedrock bathing. Heats up to 42°C to aid in releasing toxins, tension and relax muscles
GLOW MODE: Help improve marks and dullness for brighter skin with Green LED, micro-vibrations & microcurrent
LIFT MODE: Helps to tighten sagging skin for a firmer and more supple appearance that you can feel skin deep, with Red LED, micro-vibrations, micro-current & warming technology
SMOOTH MODE: Helps to target appearance of problem skin such as backne, chestne & assne with Blue/Red LED, micro-vibrations & micro-current

Body Sculpt Fit Serum
- Unlike other products this gravity defying emollient based formula has a silky air light feeling that resurfaces skin texture, delivers active ingredients and melts into the skin without any sticky or greasy residue.
- Helps to dramatically improve the appearance of problem areas, repair and protect skin from premature aging, resulting in visibly younger, healthier and more toned body with an all-over-glow
- Rough and bumpy skin texture also appears smoother for a visibly brighter look, without clogging pores
- Antioxidant-rich Licorice & Vitamin C helps to prevent premature aging by strengthening skin barrier and brighten dull skin. Caffeine helps to slim and trim contours through micro-circulation of pores, while Cyclohexasiloxane adds a protective barrier to the skin, locking in moisture and improving skin barrier. 

With Proprietary Encapsulation Technology to protect the active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, ensuring stability of ingredients and potency of formulation

Nourish Hand Serum
- 4 Skin Inc Serums: Vitamin B3 to smooth the skin, Licorice to soothe and calm, Ceramides to strengthen skin barrier and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin well-hydrated.
- Cica: Traditionally used in folk remedies, it is rich in saponins to help reduce skin sensitivity, and flavonoids and antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage. It also contains healing and moisturizing properties, along with amino acids to strengthen and hydrate the skin.
- Multi-vitamins: Vitamin B3 to encourage production of ceramide, Vitamin C for collagen, Vitamin B5 to attract moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to the skin and Vitamin E to protecting against free radical damage.

Multi-polypetides: Short chains of amino acids that act as the building blocks of proteins, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.

Envelop your hands in a lovely, soothing lavender scent with the Serum.

Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit
When using the device for the first time after the purchase, use it after charging it for at least one hour. To power the device, hold down the power/mode button for a second to turn on/off the power. Press the button once shortly to display the battery level. Each mode of the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit can be used for up to 5 minutes per application, before it goes into stand-by mode. 

After applying Body Sculpt Fit Serum evenly onto desired parts of your body, switch on the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit and make direct contact with skin. Use a gentle motion to massage the area (circular clockwise, upwards or outwards  - depending on the area being massaged and the different modes chosen).

Body Sculpt Fit Serum
Apply liberally all over the body, concentrating on affected areas such as arms, belly, thighs and derriere. For maximum results, massage serum into skin in circular motions using our Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit.

Nourish Hand Serum
Apply a pea-sized amount onto your palm and massage the hand serum into your whole hands.

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