Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™++USB Chrome Silver


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One device, 5 benefits - Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. This award-winning device combines the power of NASA inspired colored LED Chromotherapy and Sonic Technology (Low-Frequency Stimulation) to tackle multiple skin concerns for younger-looking, brighter and blemish-free skin.

Clinically proven results.

    Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++

    Revive, Glow, Soothe, Optimize & V-Sculpt in just 3 mins, to tackle multiple skin concerns for healthy, glowing skin.

    At-Home Skin Care, Reinvented

    3000 Flash Facials in 1 Device
    to destress, smooth, lift and glow your way to the best skin of your life.

    Self-Care is the Best Care

    LED chromotherapy & sonic massage help you feel beautiful from the inside out.

    Clinically Proven Results

    Based on a clinical study after using the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™:

    95% agrees that skin is clearer with a more refined texture

    95% agrees that skin looks hydrated

    85% agrees that skin looks revived and radiant

    81% agrees that lines & wrinkles appear less visible

    Pair with our custom MyDailyDose serums for a truly personalized skincare routine.

    Supercharge Your Skincare

    The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™ uses clinically proven, NASA-inspired chromotherapy and sonic massage to:

    Enhance performance of skincare

    Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    Fade dark spots and even out skin tone

    3...2...1...Lift Off!

    Our NASA-inspired LED Therapy, Explained

    On space missions, NASA uses LED Light Therapy (a.k.a. chromotherapy) to encourage cells to become healthier and function at a much higher rate. We integrated 5 different LED light wavelengths into one device. Use each setting alone or combine colors to help treat your unique skin!


    Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful appearance.


    Helps to revive dull skin for a brighter complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots.


    Helps to tackle acne-causing bacteria and address oily or congested skin.

    power combo

    Combines the benefits of Yellow and Red Lights to help reduce dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

    power combo

    Combines the benefits of Red and Blue Lights to help with anti-aging concerns like oxidative stress.

    Confidence From the Inside Out

    For first time use, please charge device for 2 hours using the USB cord before use. The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light can be used for up to 10 minutes per application, twice daily. The device will shut off automatically after approximately 10 minutes. If you use more than one light, do not use the device beyond 10 minutes per session.

    Please remove the plastic protective cap before use. To power the device on, press the power button. Use the same button to change lights. To turn the Sonic Technology (Low Frequency Stimulation) on or off, press the LF button once and the green indicator light will turn on when activated.

    After applying a water-based serum or mask, remove the plastic protective cap, switch on the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light and apply to skin. Use a gentle, circular motion (clockwise) to massage the area. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

    The purple light will flash 3 times when battery is low. To clean the device, use a damp cloth or antiseptic wipes to wipe the metal probe.

    Additional Tips:

    For sensitive and problem skin, it is recommended to use the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ blue LED function with a concoction of Skin Inc's Ceramide, Licorice and Vitamin B3+ Serums for optimal results.

    If you suffer from painful cystic acne, without touching the probe to the skin, shine the light over the blemish to receive the benefits of blue light.

    If the serum has dried down before your 10 minute session is up, you can either reapply or simply use a facial mist to moisten the skin for the remainder of your treatment.

    Watch The Video

    1. Is the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light waterproof? Can I rinse the device? 

    The device is not waterproof. Kindly refrain from rinsing it. Please clean the metal probe with alcohol / antiseptic wipes. 

    2. Can I use the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light if I am pregnant?

    The device uses both LED chromo-therapy and Low-Frequency therapy. We advise pregnant women to use the device with only LED lights on. Switch off the Low-Frequency therapy function by pressing the LF button once when the device is switched on. We also advise pregnant women to consult their doctor if unsure.

    3. Is the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light device suitable for all skin types?

    Yes! Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light is suitable for all skin types. It has 5 different LED lights to treat each individual’s skin concerns. 

    4. What is LED therapy treatment about?

    LED therapy brings several benefits to the skin. The device uses LED chromotherapy that activates light receptors in skin cells and stimulates them to improve overall skin quality. The wavelengths for our Red light is 625nm, Yellow light is 590nm and Blue light 460nm to address each of the skin concern. 

    5. How long does it take to see results from Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light?

    Results after 1 month*:

    - 100% agrees device is easy to use and skin looks good

    - 95% agrees regimen is simple, easy to follow yet effective

    - 85% agrees skin looks revived and radiant

    - 85% agrees skin looks younger and more beautiful

    - 85% agrees it helps restore skin’s moisture

    - 75% agrees dull skin appears brighter

    *Based on a consumer study on the Red Light conducted as part of an independent clinical study.

    6. Why has my Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light stop working after a few usage?

    Please charge the device for 2 hours using the USB cord before use. Each full charge will last about 10 sessions of 10 minutes facial. 

    7. Can I buy products and Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light on other retail platforms as well? Are those genuine products?

    Buying directly from us or our authorised distributors will guarantee product authenticity. We highly recommend that you make your purchases from a reliable source.

    9.  How long do I charge the device for? 

    Ensure to charge new devices for 2 hours before your first use. Each full charge will last about 10 sessions of 10 minutes facial. Subsequently, after 10 sessions, you may need to charge again for 2 hours. 

    10. Can I use the device while it is being charged? 

    No, for safety measures, we strongly do not recommend using the device while it's charging.

    11. How long should I use the device for each time? 

    Each treatment only takes 10 mins! 

    12.How many times can I use the device after each full charge?

    After each 2 hours charge, the device can last up to 10 sessions. 

    13. How many uses in total can I use the device for? 

    The device can be used for 3,000 ten-minute treatments. 

    14.  Can I check-in the device or do I need to hand-carry it on board my flight? 

    It is completely safe to check-in the device - it is compliant with the in-flight regulations (Battery specifications: PI967, Section II, UN3481, Lithiumion cell/battery contained in equipment). Our battery capacity is 3.7W and therefore doesn't exceed the 20W limit. Every battery weights 22g.

    15.  How do I know if the battery is low? 

    The purple LED light flashes 3 times when the battery is low, and the device cannot be switched on. 

    16.  How do I know the device is charging? 

    Ensure that the green light at the top centre of the control panel is blinking. You can be assured that your device now is charging.

    17.  How do I know that the device is fully charged? 

    The green light at the top center of the control panel remains lit consistently, then you can remove the device from charging. 

    18.  Does the LED light affect the eyes? 

    The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light uses LED Light. The LED Light wavelengths are not within the wavelengths of UV rays that may cause damage to the eyes. However, do not look directly into the light source, use the device with surrounding room light on and close your eyes when using it under the eye area as a precautionary measure. 

    19. Can patients with skin concern such as lupus erythematosus (LE) use the device?

    Patients with lupus erythematosus (LE) are often abnormally photosensitive. However, LED is a safer light source for people who have lupus, however we highly recommend that you consult your doctor prior to starting any new treatments if you're unsure. 

    20. How can the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light help to boost the absorption of our skincare products?

    The Sonic Technology in the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light creates three million pulsations per second to help with the firming and lifting of skin, as well as reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in improved skin barrier and a more youthful and healthier glow.

    Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™++USB Chrome Silver has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 683 reviews.

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