Wobble Cushion


◆【Improves Focus for Children】 - Tumaz wiggle seat specially designed for sensory kids, provides a fun way for kids or students can flexible seating on a chair for long periods of time.
◆【Work Out Anywhere】 - Sitting on Tumaz wobble cushion requires strong core strength. You can easily exercise your core muscles while sitting in class or doing work at your office desk.
◆【Adjust As You Wish】 - Inflate or deflate Tumaz wobble cushion with an air pump included in the package (two needles are placed near the pump handle). Control the air pressure to suit your needs for workout, core muscle exercise, or posture training.
◆【Specifications】- Tumaz balance disk diameter is 13 inches (33cm) and weight 1,000 g (2.2 Ibs). Load capacity is up to 1,000 Ibs (453 kg) to ensure your safety.

Thicker, Better, Safer Tumaz Wobble Cushion is made of the thickest and most durable material on the market. The additional anti-burst design and the anti-slip matte surface give the cushion a sleek look as well as high safety standards. Help Children Stay Focused Tumaz Wobble Cushion provides a fun way for energetic kids to increase attention because kids love the keep-moving surface! Giving kids wiggle seats is the easiest way to help them stay focused while sitting for long periods of time. Two Types of Surface We provide two types of surfaces for your choice: a smooth side with circular bumps and a rougher side with raised bumps. Feel free to switch sides for acupressure effect or balance training. Or, just choose whatever side you like.

When you sit on a wobble cushion, it would constantly shake your
posture because it’s air-inflated and unstable. You have to correct
your shape every time to find the balance. Hence, it can help trigger
your core muscle which works to provide posture support and sit
upright continually. To get more support, you would have to make
more effort to which help you achieve deep core stability. After a
short period of time using a wobble cushion, you’ll be surprised to
find out that your core muscles are considerably stronger. Actually,
it’s also the idea of exercising while sitting.

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