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our approach to skincare

customize, don’t compromise

Stop the guesswork from your skincare routine! Decode your unique skin concerns with the Skin Identity Check and customize your personal skincare solution for superior results. There's a custom beauty for every you, starting with My Daily Dose® Serums, to the award-winning Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light devices, and our latest #Skinnovation, the world’s first custom sleeping mask My Nightly Dose®.

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less is more

You don't need 20 steps or 20,000 ingredients for beautiful skin. Our scientists have selected ingredients in optimal concentrations as the building blocks for our custom-blended My Daily Dose® and My Nightly Dose™ serums. Turning on the power of customization, our Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ++ is a multi-tasking 5-in-1 LED device that boosts the performance of your skincare.

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Our Japanese proprietary encapsulation technology in our formula protects active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, ensuring supreme freshness and maximum absorption into your skin for optimal results.

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Supercharge your skincare with light

Pair your custom serum with our Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light devices and use LED chromotherapy and low-frequency ultrasound stimulation to enhance results, increasing the efficiency and performance of your skincare.

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4 steps to glowing, dewy skin

Why do 10 steps when you can achieve more with less?

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big data is our secret sauce

We create products that you actually need through our database of over 1 million skin profiles.

Proprietary Japanese Technology

Cutting edge technology from our labs in Japan.


Mix-n-Match without worrying about a negative chemical reaction on your skin!

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