Want to supercharge your skincare regime?

Beauty Tech is the way to go


Imagine this. You wake up in a morning, do a face scan in the comfort of your own home, and a 3D printer creates a targeted one-time use skincare regime according to the condition of your face at that very moment. When it might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, advances in technology mean that this could be a reality in the not-so-distant future. Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes

Innovators around the world have been hard at work pushing the boundaries of beauty and tech, to bring hyper-personalised skinnovations to consumers around the world. Think 3-D printed sheet masks that perfectly fit your face, intelligent makeup that “hunts down” dehydrated areas of your skin to give it moisture so your foundation never looks patchy, and custom haircare that measures the pollution levels of where you live and creates unique shampoos and conditioners just for you. 

The fact is, as more and more people move away from one-size-fits-all and gravitate towards personalised, customised beauty, the skincare industry has to look to technology to give customers what they want.

Skin Inc Skin Identity Check

Take our 3-minute Skin Identity Check for example. The diagnostic skin check will ask you a variety of questions about your living, sleeping, eating, drinking and skincare habits to decode your skin identity. From there, it highlights three problem areas as well as prescribes corresponding treatments to help you create your own customized My Daily Dose® serum cocktail that address your unique skin concerns.

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++

Taking Beauty Tech even one step further is the Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++, which is uses NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy to tackle multiple skin concerns. The device has 5 different LED light options that penetrates deep into skin to address specific skin concerns from dullness to visible pores, premature ageing and even inflammation. And that’s not all. It also emits sonic therapy to boost skin’s metabolism and lymphatic circulation, which helps to improve skin radiance and reduce water retention for a more sculpted appearance. What's more, you'll get 3,000 SPA-grade treatments from this one beauty tool!

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes

Not one to rest on our laurels, our latest skinnovation is another industry first. The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes is a custom LED light treatment device that allows you to treat your delicate eye area with no fuss or muss. As you know, the skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of our face and experiences ageing faster as well. This hands-free gadget is perfect for time-starved urbanites as you can continue to work as it works. Using NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy, it comes with three options to allow you to personalise your eye treatment. Red light revives the youthful appearance of skin, yellow works on dark circles, while orange is a power combination of both. 1 device gives you 2,500 treatments!

Whether it’s skincare that uses data to personalise your serum, or smart gadgets that up your beauty game, there’s no doubt that technology is the future of beauty.