Tri-Light™ +SABI AI


Your Skin, Lit From Within.

Experience the future of skincare in your hands. NASA-powered Tri-Light™ and +SABI AI App is the World's First 8-in-1 virtual wellness and skin coach app (find and scan the QR Code below to download +SABI AI) that tracks your wellness and skin health using revolutionary AI skintelligence technology.

The device combines Sonic, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) and Hydro-Sensor technologies, with 5 targeted LED Lights - empowering you to customize a routine that addresses multiple skin concerns synergistically and enhance the performance of your skincare ingredients for a radiant, healthy glow.

Scan the QR code now to do a face scan - and get the power of AI to guide you through what your skin needs & deliver treatments through the Tri-Light™ device.

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The NEW Tri-Light™ combines 8-in-1 advanced technologies to empower you to customize a regime that addresses multiple skin concerns synergistically.


GLOW - Yellow LED

Help to achieve a brighter complexion


Help to revive youthful appearance by tightening & firming skin


Help to soothe skin & minimize the appearance of pores

*Results after 28 days.

Personalise your glowing results with these 8 modes:

OPTIMIZE - Sonic Therapy

Help to increase the performance of skincare to smoothen the skin


(Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field)

Help to boost recovery for skin wellness using low-level electromagnetic waves to encourage healthy cell renewal

Your skin is the barometer of your wellbeing.

Your skin is the barometer of your wellbeing.


REJUVENATE - Hydro-Sensor

Measure & get precise readings of your skin’s hydration level for optimal skin wellness

Glow, Revive, Soothe & V-Sculpt with 5 NASA LED Lights


Help to revive youthful
appearance by
tightening & firming skin


Help to soothe skin &
minimize the
appearance of pores

GLOW - Yellow LED

Help to achieve a
brighter complexion


YELLOW + RED lights


RED + BLUE lights

Clinically-Proven & Visible Results*

Clinically-Proven & Visible Results*

  • 95%agree that skin is clearer with a more refined texture
  • 95%agree that skin looks hydrated
  • 85%agree that skin looks revived and radiant
  • 81%agree that lines & wrinkles appear less visible
Pair with our custom My Daily Dose serums for a truly personalized skincare routine. *Based on a consumer study of the RED LED Light conducted as part of an independent clinical study
Pair +SABI AI app with Tri-Light™ to enjoy a guided and customised LED facial treatments with your selfie & hydro-sensor analysis. Complete the Skin Identity Quiz to get your clinically-proven and award-winning customised cocktail serum and booster. Leveraging on the data of over 1.2 million skin profiles, your self-care treatment is customised based on water intake, sleep, stress, activity level, menstrual cycle, pollution index, and blue light exposure.

Scan QR code & download app to curate your wellness journey with

To start using Tri-Light™: 


Pair Tri-Light™ with +SABI AI app, your friendly virtual skin coach, who will guide you through your skin journey. 

STEP 2: SCAN YOUR FACE to get a customized day & night routine. 

STEP 3: DECODE your Skin Identity with our quiz to get a customized routine based on your unique skin concerns. 

FOR CLINICALLY-PROVEN & EFFECTIVE RESULTS: We recommend pairing Tri-Light™ with My Daily Dose serum cocktail 

STEP 1: MEASURE your skin's hydration levels using the Hydro-Sensor 

STEP 2: CUSTOMIZE with an LED color that fits your skin needs. Use with a water-based serum. 

STEP 3: CUSTOMIZE by using gentle, circular motion to massage your face for 1-3 mins, or until skincare has been fully absorbed. 

STEP 4: TRACK your skin results within the +SABI AI app.

Download your user manual HERE

1. What are the key features of this device?

Answer: The Tri-light +SABI AI combines the power of Skin Inc's customizable and innovative products with LED chromatography, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field), Sonic and Hydro-Sensor Technology. With the +SABI AI app, you will have your very own 360 wellness and skin coach to guide you along and empower you to put your best wellness and skin health forward.

2. Will it be necessary to download the app to use the device?

Answer: You will be able to use this device even without the app, however, we strongly encourage that you pair the device and app together. Without it, you will not be able to understand how to improve your wellness and skin health. Why? With the APP, you will be able to take a selfie and get instant feedback on the 8 markers that constitute your skin health. Without it, you will not get feedback on the environment and lifestyle stressors that determine your skin health and last, without it you will not get recommendations on what treatments are best suited for your skin.....So we highly recommended you use it along with the +SABI AI app.

3. How to download the app?

Answer: You may download it from the Appstore for Apple users or the Google Play Store for Android users. 

4. How to use the app?

Answer: Once you open the app, just follow the prompts which will guide you in using the app. 

5. What is the Hydro-sensor?

Answer: A Hydro-sensor is able to detect your skin hydration levels. Optimal skin hydration helps maintain good barrier function, which is a building block to having healthy, glowing skin. With the Hydro-sensor, you will be able to keep track of your skin hydration levels to make sure that it is always in tip top condition.

6. How do I use the Hydro-sensor?

Answer: Remove the hydro-sensor cap at the bottom of the device and press the hydro-sensor directly onto the area you wish to measure for 10 seconds, you will hear 3 beeps in total, after that your hydration level will be lit up on the halo ring at the back of the device. Wipe the sensor down and cap back after use.
 Measure your hydration before and after your skincare routine or treatment session to see the difference in hydration levels!

7. What is the difference between this device as compared to my existing Optimizer Voyage Tri-light?

Answer: The features have been enhanced with additional PEMF and Hydro-sensor on top of our unique NASA-inspired LED light technology. In addition, we have made the design much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye

8. Is the LED light and the device functionality the same as the existing Optimizer Voyage Tri-light?

Answer: We have enhanced the micro-pulsation technology to a level of 3m/mhs per second and added PEMF that makes this device the only one in the market to have all 3 features of micro-pulsation, PEMF and LED light. In addition, the +SABI AI App offers a world of knowledge and coaching to provide you with a 360 view of your wellness and skin health

9. How long is the warranty?

Answer: 1 year after the original date of purchase.

10. How long should I use the device on daily basis?

Answer: The Tri-Light +SABI AI can be used for up to 10 minutes per application daily for the Skin treatments, and can follow up daily for tips/recommendations on how to improve your wellbeing. It is equivalent to 3000 home spas!

11. How long do I need to charge the device to full battery?

Answer: 5 hours to achieve full charge if battery is empty. If you charge from when the red light appears, it will take 1-2 hours.
12. Do I need to charge it before I use the device?

Answer: Yes, please charge your device until it is fully charged before using it for the first time. 

13. Can I bring it on flight?

Answer: As the battery is a Lithium-ion battery, its is advisable for you to bring it in your carry-on when boarding a flight.  
14. How do I know if the device is charging properly?

Answer: Refer to the charging indicator on the device. If the halo ring blinks red, it means that battery level is lower than 20%. When the halo ring shows a wavy patten, it is charging. When the halo ring turns green, it means your device is fully charged. 

15. How long can the device last if is fully charged?

Answer: On full charge, the device can last for 10 sessions of 10-minute at home facial.
16. What is PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy?

Answer: We are only as healthy as our cells. PEMF uses low-level electromagnetic waves to penetrate deep within the skin and promote healthy cell function. This may encourage the skin to function more effectively, thus increasing the overall wellness of the skin.

17. How does the LED light technology help my skin? 

Answer: LED light technology uses specific wavelengths of light with known therapeutic effects. The blue light at helps to destroy bacteria associated with acne. Red light penetrates deep into the skin's dermis layer to stimulate collagen production and encourage skin firming. Yellow light is great to enhance the glow of your skin. The Tri-light +SABI also offers Orange light, which is a combination of both Red and Yellow light as well as Purple light, a combination of Red and Blue light, to give combined benefits.

18. What is Sonic Therapy and how does it help my skin? 

Answer: Sonic Therapy uses ultrasonic vibrations to enhance the benefits of your skincare products. It vibrates three million times per second and provides a lifting effect, stimulates skin tissue and improves penetration into our cells to promote collagen tissue production and reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a younger, healthier look.

19. Will there be any side effects using this device?

Answer: If the device is used as recommended, for 10 minutes per application daily, there should not be any side effects. 

20. Will this device cause me any hyperpigmentation?

Answer: No, the specific wavelengths of LED light used will not cause hyperpigmentation. 

21. I don’t find that this device is useful. Can I return it and get a refund?

Answer: Please write in to us via

22. I have eczema/rosacea skin, I am currently using medication from my dermatologist, can I use this device?

Answer: Please consult your doctor before proceeding to use this device. 

23. What are the wavelength of the LED lights?

Answer: 470 nm, 590 nm and 625 nm

24. How will I know when my device is in low battery?

Answer: If the halo ring blinks red, it means that battery level is lower than 20%.



1. How to use the app?

Answer: Sign Up/Login into the app in order to pair your device with the app. After Login go to the Device tab at the bottom. Click on REGISTER NEW DEVICE. Then hit the REGISTER button if you don't have any registered devices. Enter the SERIAL NUMBER of the device and the PURCHASE DETAILS. Then click and image of the RECEIPT and upload it. Once done, hit the REGISTER button at the bottom of the screen. Once the registration is done click the CONNECT button. Your device should show up in the list of Bluetooth devices, click the CONNECT button on the right side of the Tri Light device. 

2. What are the key features of the app?

Answer: +SABI AI is a 360 Wellness and Skin Health App. Our recommendations are to start with taking a selfie of your skin, and get instant feedback on your skin health by getting an overall skin health score and score on 8 markers of your screen. In addition, fill up the wellness and skin health score, and get instant feedback on what your skin needs by getting a customized day and night serum. In addition, you can pair the app with the NEW Tri-light and get customized skin treatments based on your skin goals. Last, but not least, daily the app will provide you feedback on how you can improve your wellness and skin health. You will also be able to check your Skin Inc profile; rewards, orders, delivery addresses and settings of the app.

3. Do I have to download your app to get full experience of using the device?

Answer: Yes the app acts as a companion to provide a 360 wellness and skin health coach & companion that will provide diagnosis on what your body, mind and skin needs to improve your wellbeing. In addition, it will provide you customised products & services based on the Wellness & Skin ID check, the face scan and where you live

4. There is error on the app, what should I do?

Answer: Read the error message, in case it has a connection issue with your device after registration, try restarting the device and the phone.

5. Must I connect the app to use the hydro sensor?

Answer: You can use the hydro sensor without connecting with the app, but in order to check the readings of the hydro sensor report, you have to use the app.

6. Can I buy directly and shop in the app?

Answer: Yes you can buy on both online and offline stores.

7. Can the app support both Android and iOS?

Answer: Yes we have both iOS and Android versions of the app

8. Will this app actually cause any bug to my tablet/phone? How stable is the app?

Answer: No, this is an independent app and it will not cause any bugs on your tablet/phone's operating system. Neither it will cause any harms to the other apps that you use in your mobile device.

9. I can’t download the app, what's wrong?

Answer: Check the available memory (free space) on your device. Check if the app is available in your country. Check if the app's minimum iOS/Android version is equal to or lower than that of your device. Update your phone's software if needed.

10. How does Face Scan work on the app? 

Answer: Face Scan Analysis leverages computer vision and deep learning to provide +SABI AI users with an overall Skin Health Score and a score on each of the 8 markers that determine the health of your skin.
11. What are the 8 markers detected in the Face scan?

Answer: The 8 markers are redness, acne, eyebags, dark circles, wrinkle/fine lines, skin firmness, smoothness, hyperpigmentation and moisture. These help the app understand your overall skin health.

12. What is the Skin ID check and how does it work?

Answer: Skin ID check is a comprehensive questionnaire that helps to identify lifestyle habits, such as sleeping pattern, diet, stress levels, etc., which will have an effect on your wellbeing and skin health. This info will then be used to provide you with the best daily serum recommendations and nightly serum recommendations as well as wellness tips to boost your overall wellbeing.

13. How does the app help with my skincare routine?

Answer: Based on the information from the Face Scan and Skin ID check, the app will be able to guide you on how to perform your at-home skincare regime along with your device. Pair it with the Tri-light to best optimize your skincare. You can even set reminders to ensure you are consistent in your skin health journey.

14. What is sets +SABI apart from other apps?

Answer: +SABI is a Fitbit for your wellness and skin health, the perfect wellness and skin coach to provide you with what you need, before you know that you need it. 



1. Can I use the device if I have implanted medical device or any other electronic instrument in my body?

Answer: We recommend you to consult your doctor before using the device. 

2. Can I use if I have cosmetic procedure done on my face? Eg: Injection/Laser/Botox/Fillers

Answer: We recommend you consult your own dermatologist or doctor before using the device. 

3. Can I use the device if I am pregnant or currently breastfeeding?

Answer: We recommend you consult your gynaecologist before using the device. 

4. Can I share my device with my family/friends?

Answer: Yes you can. However, please remember to clean the device before that. More details are found in the manual.

5. Who should not use Tri-light +SABI?

Answer: Please avoid using this device if you have epilepsy, have an open wound, have undergone organ transplant, are currently following immunosuppressive therapy or have non-MRI safe IUDs. 







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