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Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™ Glasses for Bright Eyes
Come and see the future with our new Optimizer Voyage Trilight™ Glasses for Bright Eyes! Customize your custom eye treatment with 3 different LED lights.

1 revolutionary device, 3 awesome benefits.

REVIVE THE YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE OF SKIN - Helps to promote the look of skin suppleness and radiance

REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF DARK CIRCLES - Helps to brighten dark circles under the eye

MINIMIZES PUFFY APPEARANCE - Helps to reduce puffiness and alleviate signs of eye fatigue caused by blue light emitted from devices and screens

Vitamin A
Fight back against lines and wrinkles and excess melanin production with Vitamin A Serum. This serum rich in Vitamin A is designed to restore skin's youthful appearance and tackles dullness, rough texture, as well as signs of fatigue and dark circles around the delicate eye area.

Vitamin A also increases collagen production, stimulates blood flow and circulation of the skin, resulting in younger looking, brighter skin.

Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™ Glasses for Bright Eyes

1 Device = 2,500 Treatments

 The NEW Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes is designed for time-starved urbanites looking for the ultimate customized eye treatment in only 10 minutes!

LED CHROMOTHERAPY TECHNOLOGY: Harnessing the power of NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes LED light helps addressing your multiple skin concerns. Each light has its unique benefit.

 Red light has anti-aging benefit which helps to promote the look of skin suppleness and radiance

 Yellow light has glow benefit which helps to brighten and reduce dark circles under eye.

 Orange light is the combination of red & yellow lights, it has duo benefits. It helps to reduce puffiness and alleviate signs of eye fatigue caused by blue light emitted from devices and screens

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has a "normalizing" effect, reversing the activity of older skin back to how it functioned when it was younger. Vitamin A palmitate (retinyl palmitate) is used in this serum because it is a more stable and gentler form of Vitamin A and can be considered a pre-Vitamin that is converted to Vitamin A in the skin. Retinyl palmitate is also the form of Vitamin A that the body naturally stores and releases when needed.

Proprietary Japanese Seaweed Encapsulation Technology protects the active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, ensuring stability and potency of ingredients. This technology allows for an effective delivery of pure, potent ingredients, while the humectant-rich glycerin base delivers lasting hydration.

Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™ Glasses for Bright Eyes

For the first time use, please charge device for 2 hours using the USB cord before use. Apply eye cream or serum around cleansed eye area. After fully charging, hold down the button (on the right hand side of device) for 2-5 seconds to power on or off. Press button to change the light setting, and if needed, use head strap to hold eye device in place. Recommended use: 10 minutes per day.

#BeautyHack: Can be used on the neck or scalp as neck or scalp treatment

To clean the device, use a damp cloth or antiseptic wipes to wipe the surfaces.

Vitamin A

Apply two to three drops twice daily to face and undereye before moisturizer or eye cream.

Layer individually or blend with up to two additional Skin Inc serums for a powerful, multipurpose customized serum cocktail to provide optimal results.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A palmitate (Retinyl Palmitate)

  • Accelerates blood circulation in turn improving skin color and reducing dullness.
  • Stimulates cell metabolism to brighten skin and dark circles..
  • Increases production of collagen reducing lines and wrinkles and hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration.

Full Ingredients List:
Water/Aqua/Eau, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Potassium Hydroxide, Carbomer, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol, Retinyl Palmitate, Corn (Zea Mays) Oil, Alcaligenes Polysaccharides, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Algin, BHT.

Recommended for: All Skin Types

  • Dullness near eye area
  • Lines and wrinkles near eye area
  • Tired and puffy eyes
  • Dark Spots and Pigmentation

Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light™ Glasses for Bright Eyes

One year warranty will be effective from the date of original retail purchase. To make an exchange, please retain and provide your original proof of purchase.

Your unit and components contained herein are fully warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults for 1 year from the date of purchase and it is not transferrable.

This limited warranty does not cover finishes and external parts such as buttons and other attachments, consumable parts and cleansing.

Vitamin A

Formulated without:

  • Scent
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates


  • Phthalates Winner of Cosmopolitan Bright Sparks Awards 2015 for the Best Color Correcting Spot Treatment for Vitamin A Serum.

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